SACA NBL Round 3 Results

The third round of the SACA NBL in Johannesburg saw most of Joberg’s strongest boulderers on Joberg’s hardest problems. Some say an equal match, some say the problems won this time. Next week we have lots of plans, the setter Russel aims to try replicate the famous boulder problem called Pendragon 8A, which is at Roadside, Rocklands. He did the problem a few years ago and is keen to see if these strong boulderers can do the moves.

[vimeo width=”640″ height=”450″][/vimeo]

We plan to strip all other grips from the cave and make custom incut screw on wooden grips to replicate the small incut crimps on the actual route. The final outcome will not be as steep as the real Pendragon and thus a little easier. We also have a plan to set something similar but much easier than The Vice, and a dyno to a big sloped volume and other fun problems. We also will add  more ladies grips and make routs 5 to 7 easier. So if you in the area and want a good fun challenging evening be there.

Route setting by Rowan and Calrin


1. Nic Houze
1. James Breytenbach
3. Tristan Young
4. Christian Williams
5. James Houze
5. Keegan Robus
James Glover – No Score Sheet

U19 Boys
1. Robert Brown
2. Garrick Pagel
2. Mathew Duton
2. Robert Wanblad

Open Men
1. Dylan Vogt
1. Severin Curtis
3. Brian Weaver
3. Ivan van der Tang
5. Greg Borman
6. Chris Brown
7. Evan Margetts
8. Tristan Swart
9. Ruan Kotze
10. Gerhard L Roux
10. Jonathan Glover
10. Wynend Rand
13. Brett Gardner
13. Henk Appelo
13. Johannes Hachmann
13. Lester Jackson
17. Justin Barlow
18. Dawie Oberholzer
19. Gunter Bargon
20. Johan Mostert
20. Andrew Margetts
22. Lian Glossop
23. Adam Swanepoel
23. Dominic Barnardt
23. Miles Collier
23. Darryl Combe

1. Wiebke Toussaint
2. Naureen Goheer
3. Chris Bester
4. Emma Pinnock
5. Kelly Farr
6. Rolien Labuschagne

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