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Waterval Boven – New Years 2014

Evan Margetts rock climbing

David Wade captured some of the sending that went down at Waterval Boven during the start of 2014.

January 2014 Evan Margetts opened “Definitely Another 22” (28/7c), a short bouldery route Ken Thrash bolted in the gully many years ago.
John Wade sent “Dungeons and Dragons” (26/7b) and Alex Williams sent “Diablo” (26/7b).
February 2014 David Wade sent his long term Boven project “Beast” (31/8a+), his first 8a+.

[vimeo width=”700″ height=”420″][/vimeo]



  1. Sweet video! Keep up the good work.

    Damn I am keen to get back to Boven….

  2. nice inspiration for a friday morning, time to climb again, Thx Wades and co

  3. Screw BigUp… I get more psyched through local productions like these! Very nice!

  4. Thanks David – this was really nice to watch

  5. Rad footage of some sick climbing! Well done!

  6. So cool to see local movies of local climbers pushing their limits. And some kick as tunes, Ghosts n stuff always brings on the psyche.

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