Paul Robinson Battles The Nest and Trieste in Red Rocks

Paul Robinson’s most recent trip to Red Rocks, Nevada, he was able to flash Abaddon V11, a somewhat scary line with a crux heel hook in Black Velvet Canyon.  He also manages to make the third ascent of The Nest V15 in First Creek Canyon, the only V15 in Red Rocks, which was put up by Daniel Woods near the end of 2013. His main goal of the 2-week trip, however, was to send a long standing project in First Creek Canyon that he had tried two years prior.

He was able to finish up the line, naming it Trieste and giving it the grade V14.His fiance also climbs Orange Top Blue Sky V8, a pumpy, fun traverse in the Kraft Boulders.

[youtube width=”700″ height=”420″][/youtube]

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