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New Boven Guide – Get Your Photo on the Cover!

A New Boven Guide will be available for download at the end of August - get your photo on the cover!
Candice Bagley on Snapdragon at Waterval Boven

A New Boven Guide will be available for download at the end of August – get your photo on the cover! 

Advertising space available:  All proceeds to the Boven (Bolting) Fund.

Candice Bagley on Snapdragon at Waterval Boven
Candice Bagley on Snapdragon, pic by Gustav Janse van Rensburg

There has been a surprising amount of new development at Boven so we think its time to update the Boven online (pdf) guide.  We think it would be cool if the cover shot and a selection of the pictures in the guide are from the climbing community at large. So its a comp!

The best shot will be on the cover and wins a harness, 2nd place a rope bag and third place a weekend accommodation at the lodge, all sponsored by Roc ‘n Rope. The shot of Candice on Snapdragon on the current cover sets the bar pretty high!

If you have a photo that you think is good enough, send it to and, using the email title ‘Boven Guide Photo Comp

  • Closing date is 15 August (after the long weekend).

If you are a supplier and would like an advert (1/2 page or full page) send a message to, using the email title ‘Boven Guide Advert‘.  Its pretty cheap and the guide gets gazillions of views.  ALL proceeds from the advertising fees will go to the Boven (Bolting) Fund.

Finally, if there are any edits to the guide (missing/incorrect info) that are needed please let Andrew know using the email title ‘Boven Guide Edits‘.

A new wave of development is approaching.

Thanks all.
Gustav and Andrew

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7 years ago

NIce work guys! Awesome initiative!

Ebert Nel
Ebert Nel
7 years ago

Sup Andy

Once again, amazing job done with RD and thanks so much for doing it.

May I please request the following for the wiki:
I’m not the most frequent flyer in the boven area lately and was interested in checking out what routes are in the GodNo wall area, but when I went to the online wiki, it made GodNo wall seem close to the Restaurant crag area. The current wiki seems to be luring people to the old campsite where i hear its a tad unsafe rather than the tranquilitas farm where we all know its safe. My suggestion is that the map of the old campsite gets removed and a larger one of the area gets put in place explaining where the areas are. If this is done in the pdf, can you please copy it into the wiki.

Once again, great job, hope you get a super hot girl for the front of that RD.



andrew p
andrew p
7 years ago

Thanks Ebert.
I don’t know anything about the wiki version, I only do the pdf version. I don’t really think its necessary to have the full wiki guide if the pdf is there?

Ebert Nel
Ebert Nel
7 years ago

It may be easier to keep it up to date if its full wiki and just available on pdf? less work for you as well once its been established and then its sustainable:P but I dont mind you doing the pdf only:)


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