MCSA Rock Sub-Committee (Cape Town Section) Newsletter: April 2015

April 2015

Hi Climbing Community,

Please see the below latest news that the MCSA Rock Climbing Committee is working on and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestions, information or offers to assist us with any of the below items.

Table Mountain National Parks General Activities EMP

GenCom will be replying with a combined report back on the Draft, which was available until 6th May for comment from the link where one could register as an interested and affected party and have one’s say about the revision of the TM Management Plan.

A reminder to keep the permit letter on you at all times. The letter can be found here.

ARF and Rebolting

The Rock Climbing Committee is in the process of finalizing an updated version of the bolting procedures across the Peninsula and for the Cederberg. New ARF Meets are being organized for this year so keep an eye on the ARF Facebook Page:!/groups/ARFinfo/

Boschkloof Crag

The Crag has been opened! Visit for more information regarding the permit.

Bolting Routes at Truitjieskraal

We have been receiving a number of applications for bolting new routes in the Cederberg. While we encourage the opening of new routes, kindly remember that this is not a free-for-all and, in order for the MCSA to uphold the agreements made in the Cederberg Management Plan with CapeNature, we will be insisting on the following additional information which will be added to the Application Forms:

  • A declaration that the routes that you have previously bolted have had their hangers camouflaged;
  • That you have checked that your proposed new route is not over an existing trad route;
  • If it is, that you have obtained permission from the First Ascensionist that you can bolt their line;
  • Images of the bolts and camouflaged hangers you will be using on your routes;
  • A declaration that you will ensure safe and correct bolting practices are applied and that you, ultimately, take responsibility for the route you are bolting.

It is important to note that if we do not uphold the agreements in the Cederberg Management Plan, we could have our right to give permits for new routes to be bolted in this area removed.

For applications, please contact Rose at the Mountain Club Office in Cape Town.

Bolting of New Routes in Cape Peninsula

Just a friendly reminder that any person wishing to open a new route in SANParks land must apply through the MCSA in order to receive a permit to do so.

It is only MCSA itself and, by extension, ARF that has an existing agreement with SANP via our Sport Climbing Management Plan that we can re-bolt existing routes. If anyone wishes to have a route re-bolted that falls on SANParks land, please contact the MCSA.

Rocklands Conservation Day

Andy Davies and his team are heading up our second Annual Rocklands Conservation Day. Keep an eye out for details.

Montagu Mayhem 2015

Join us for the Rock Rally of the year!

  • Climbing Competition
  • Best Fancy Dress
  • Tons of prizes to be won
  • Spit Braai and Party
  • Beer on Tap – cash only
  • Sunday morning free Yoga class

Date: 18th April 2015
Venue: De Bos Campsite, Montagu
Start: 8:00am Saturday 18th April 2015
End: Sometime on Sunday 19th April 2015


R100.00       Rock Rally only
R180.00       Rock Rally and T-Shirt only
R200.00       Rock Rally and Food
R250.00       Rock Rally, T-Shirt and Food

Payments to be made to the below bank account:

MCSA Cape Town
Standard Bank
Branch: Cape Town, 020009
Account: 071556060
Reference: SURNAME+MMR15

Register before 3rd April 2015 on by completing the Registration Form here.

Any queries, kindly contact the organiser on

Local Organising Committees

Please see below the Local Organising Committees of the Rock Climbing Committee.

  1. ARF
    • Cormac Tooze
    • Cuan Lohrentz
    • Warren Gans
  2. Rocklands
    • Andy Davies
    • Delaney Carpenter
    • Nick Telford

iii. Access Issues

  • Delaney Carpenter
  • Douw Steyn
  1. Rocklands Conservation Day
  • Andy Davies
  • Nick Telford
  • Cuan Lohrentz
  1. Montagu Mayhem
  • Delaney Carpenter
  • Niel Mostert
  • Cormac Tooze
  • Cuan Lohrentz


The next Rock Sub-Committee Newsletter will be coming out in June 2015.

If anyone has any information or requests that you feel the Rock Climbing Committee should be aware of, please email

The MCSA Cape Town Section Rock Climbing Sub Committee Members:

Delaney Carpenter (Chairperson)

Andy Davies (Vice Chairperson)

Douw Steyn

Niel Mostert

Warren Gans

Cuan Lohrentz

Nick Telford

Kathi Wöhl

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