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Update: Video – Clinton Martinengo Sends the Seamstress Project

Clinton Martinengo Montagu

After 8 months of working his project at Oorlogs Kloof in Montagu, Clinton Martinengo has sent his ‘Seamstress’ Project (yesterday).

Clinton established the crag back in 2013 when he put up Seamster (29/7c+) and then The Tailor (27/7b+) in 2014.
Getting to the crag requires a bit of effort and there are fixed lines in place to protect the exposed walkup (bring jumars if you have!).
With this in mind, Clinton had the additional task of finding belayers (who were prepared to put in the time and effort) and in the end it was his girlfriend Lisa who gave the golden belay 🙂

Given the grade and difficulty of finding belayers who were willing to go the distance, it took Clinton a few months to send this one.

[vimeo width=”720″ height=”420″][/vimeo]

The route is already published in the latest Western Cape Rock as 34/8c (which is what Clinton reckoned it would be at the time of publishing).  Naturally Clinton will wait for further repeats and see what grade consensus is given.

Clinton is sponsored by:
Black Diamond Equipment, Beal Ropes and Boreal Shoes

Clinton Martinengo Montagu
The lock off of all lock offs. From one two finger, first digit triangular edge to an even worse two finger, triangular edge. This is only the intro to the crux section that keeps coming at you for two more bolts. This comes after five spaced bolts of hard, crimpy 7c climbing with no real rests.
After 8 months going there as often as possible the first ascent is starting to feel imminent.
Thanks to @__deepseababy for all the endless belays, and to every one else that has come out to belay so far.
Oorlogs Kloof
Psyched about opening The Seamstress but a bit sad to say goodbye to this view that I have come to know so well.


Oorlogs Kloof, Montagu
The Seamstress project Oorlogs Koof, Montagu. It’s hard from bottom to top.


  1. Kick ass dude!

  2. So awesome – you rock!!! Tremendous effort – finally in the bag! I don’t think its the last time you’ll see that view – next time we head in that direction lets bring a drill 🙂

    • I agree – The Seamster is pretty scary at the start

  3. Looks like there’s an arete Rich 😉

  4. Awesome!!!

  5. Nice one Clinton! What a beast. Congrats man!!

  6. Brilliant line and send! Clint is an inspiration.
    I cant imagine its an easy 8c either!

  7. Ebert and Brain, if you are looking for a way to inspire, take a close at this and catch a wake up.

  8. Now this I can appreciate, well done Clinton. Reminds me of Mr Crabtree’s 32 at age 50-something a few years back, inspiring stuff!

  9. An outstanding effort – it’s a brilliant line, it’s remote and it’s properly hard. The left hand hold on the “lock off of all lock offs” section in the photo above is truly dire. Inspiring.

  10. Well done Clinton! A lot more inspiring than all the “look at how bad ass I am” coming out of the North recently. What a difference between class and crass…

  11. Thanks for the vote of confidence Andrew. My gut feeling now is that it’s only 8b+. I did not want it to go into the new guide book as a project, so I was trying it all summer long, going there late in the day after the rock had cooled down. At that point thought it felt like it would be 8c. I ran out of time , but as I thought I was close Tony gave me the benefit of the doubt and put it in the book.
    Once winter came around it felt like a hole different climb, or maybe because I had it so dialed by then. It deserves a second opinion.

  12. Brilliant! Well done Clint old son

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