Psicbloc 2015

The Psicbloc 2015 event took place recently.  Our very own Arjan De Kock also entered the event.

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The weather unfortunately did not play along and there was rain and lighting, Chris Sharma explains…

While the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, it was amazing to see everyone come together and make the best of it.

Just to let everyone know what happened last night:
When presented with the option of postponing till the next day, the competitors all agreed to deal with the rain and play on, in the adventurers’ tradition.

When lighting was all around us, we had to make a decision about how to, or whether to continue. We gathered the 8 men that moved out of the round of 16, and the consensus was that since not everyone could be there on Saturday due to previous plans, it was decided that we would go off of the results from the round of 16 and end the event there. We had lightning strikes within a mile of us, and the wall is basically a lightning rod. Far too dangerous with water and a ton of spectators.

Climbing is an adventure, live events are an adventure, and Mother Nature is always going to have the final say in outdoor activities. We are incredibly proud and inspired by the athletes for not only climbing so well but by the spirit in which they approached this event.

Though less than ideal, it felt like it brought out the true spirit of climbing, adventure, and camaraderie. It was really impressive to see all of the climbers, as well as everyone who came to watch, and the hardworking crew of staff and volunteers, put in such a rad effort to make this year of Psicobloc Masters Series one we will never forget. A huge thanks to everyone who participated whether as a competitor or a spectator.

psicbloc 2015

psicbloc 2015

Mens Seeding Results

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Arjan De Kock

Isaac Caldiero and Arjan De Kock’s 2nd climb at Psicocomp 2015 (seeding round)



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  1. PlaasJaap Aug 19, 2015 at 7:50 am #

    Well Done Arjan a massive big up for keeping the name up with the big guys in the sport.

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