Voluntary Recall Notice: Black Diamond Camalots

Black Diamond just issued a voluntary recall notice for Camalots, Ascenders and Via Ferratas (unlikely to be found in SA).

Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is voluntarily issuing a recall, subject to user inspection, of Camalot™ and Camalot™ Ultralight spring-loaded camming devices, because some units may have been improperly assembled and may fail during use, potentially resulting in injury or death.

Black diamond recall 2016

This recall concerns all sizes of Camalots™ (.3 to 6) produced between May 18, 2015 and March 9, 2016 with manufacturing codes between 5133 and 6067. This recall also concerns all sizes of Camalot™ Ultralights (.4 to #4) produced between November 10, 2015 and March 4, 2016, with manufacturing codes between 5309 and 6061.

In a very small percentage of Camalot™ and Camalot™ Ultralights, the axles connecting the cam lobes to the stem may not be properly riveted. This could cause the device’s strength to be compromised, and it could possibly come apart during use.

No accidents have been reported; however, in the interest of customer safety, Black Diamond has decided to a voluntarily issue a recall, subject to user inspection.

If you own any of these products that fall within the scope of this recall, Black Diamond is requesting that you STOP USE IMMEDIATELY, and inspect them following the procedures below. If they fail inspection, please contact Black Diamond, and we will replace your Camalot™ or Camalot™ Ultralights free of charge.

Read the full story here: http://blackdiamondequipment.com/en/safety-recall-notices.html

BD Camalot recall inspection.

BD Camalot recall inspection.

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  1. Greg Thompson Apr 14, 2016 at 8:50 am #

    Just a heads up my C4 0.5 is part of the batch that is getting recalled, however it past the visual inspection. I bought it in CPT, so might be likely that there are a few more C4’s of this batch floating around the area. Be safe.

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