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New permit system for Trad Climbing on Table Mountain and Peninsula

From the 1st of May 2016 a booking system will be introduced for all traditional rock climbing routes.
Table Mountain Permit

Newly appointed SANParks safety officer, Mr Rok Oreivatis, has announced that from the 1st of May 2016 a booking system will be introduced for (among other mountain users) all traditional rock climbing routes.

Due to the increasing popularity of traditional climbing on Table Mountain and the Peninsula, and the subsequent congestion on popular routes; SANParks, in conjunction with the Mountain Club of South Africa, have implemented a booking system for traditional climbing routes.
Not only will the booking system reduce the overcrowding that plagues the traditional climbing areas, it will additionally assist rescuers to speedily locate the climbing party in the event of an accident or an injury.



The system has already been piloted by climbing parties who have been guided by rock climbing tour guides.

An online system will be coming online in the near future, but for now legislation dictates that from the 1st of May 2016, all persons wishing to take part in traditional climbing on Table Mountain and the Peninsula must send an email to with the area they will be climbing, the name of the route they intend to climb, their intended starting and finishing time, the names of all the people in the party, their next of kin contact details and copies of all of their valid Activity Permits, birth certificates, shoe sizes of all members of the party and the name of their dog or cat (if the dog or cat will accompany the group on the climb).

By pubic order of SANParks

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Jan van Riebeeck
Jan van Riebeeck
7 years ago

Het creëren van meer systemen die niet kan worden geregeld. Wanneer zullen we leren ?!

7 years ago

Its all up to the cat….

Justin Lawson
7 years ago

April Fools everybody – it’s been fun 🙂

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