Tim Leatherman to visit Cape Union Mart Stores

Thirty years ago, whilst on a nine-month trip around Europe and the Middle East with his wife, Tim Leatherman, repeatedly attempted to repair their car and faulty hotel plumbing using his simple pocket knife.

What he really needed was an additional tool with firm grip to hold, bend and compress objects. He began sketching and by 1983 Leatherman’s first “Boy Scout knife with pliers” was launched as a mail-order product. 33-years later, the Leatherman multi-purpose tool is a household name.
In May, Tim Leatherman returns to South Africa where he will be hosted by Cape Union Mart for talks and signings at selected stores in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Tim Leatherman

Listen to Tim Leatherman speak about the development of the Leatherman products and meet the man behind the concept of building a pocket knife around a pair of pliers.

Explorers are invited to bring along their Leatherman multi-tools for him to engrave (free of charge), turning your hard-working multi-tool into a collector’s item.


Leatherman offers a few simple maintenance tips for your Leatherman multi-tool to ensure it lasts a lifetime:

· Clean, dry and re-oil your Leatherman product periodically to avoid rust and corrosion. Use a light machine or penetrating-type oil like WD-40 for oiling.
· Buff stained surfaces using a soft polishing cloth.
· After being exposed to salt water, rinse thoroughly in fresh water. Lubricate pivoting areas with a water-displacing product.
· Use standard equipment, including whetstones, rods and various kits to sharpen straight-edged blades; only use a sharpening system specifically designed to accommodate serrated edges for serrated blades.
· Remove debris and sticky substances that accumulate between blades by cleaning in a mild solution of detergent and water. Re-oil after cleaning.

The dates, times and venues for signings by Tim Leatherman at Cape Union Mart stores are:

Tim Leatherman’s Signing Dates:

Cape Union Mart Mall of Africa

Cape Union Mart Centurion

10:00 – 13:00
Cape Union Mart Canal Walk Adventure Centre

For these and other Customer Events, visit the ‘Events’ page on the Cape Union Mart website as well as their Facebook page. To discover more about Tim Leatherman, the Leatherman Company and their products, visit www.leatherman.com

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