Freestyle at Llandudno

Matt Bush has opened a new problem at Llandudno and is working on a new project in Fresnaye.  The problem is called ‘Freestyle’ (7B) at the Point Boulders.  The line is 12m and follows a perfect seam.

Matt Bush bouldering Llandudno

Matt on Freestyle, 7b. Llandudno. Photo: Tamara Brand


He has also found himself a new project dubbed the ‘Body, mind & soul’ which goes at 8B.

I have been searching for new challenging first ascents on the granite below Lion’s Head.  This particular feature captured my imagination.  I called the project Body, Mind & Soul.  After climbing the route with a rope I graded it 8B. 

Matt Bush

The Mind, body & soul 8B. Fresnaye. Photo: Tamara Brand

The boulder is 20m with the crux at 15m which is why it is so mentally challenging.  The boulder features quartzite edges which form sharp holds that demand a controlled and exact style of movement.   I feel like I have some way to go, mentally, before achieving this project as a free solo.  The beauty of the place is a determining factor for my projects nowadays.  If I am going to spend some time on a project then it’s going to be in a beautiful place

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Matt Bush climbing

Matt on the Mind, body & soul 8B at Fresnaye. Photo: Tamara Brand

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  1. micky Jun 7, 2016 at 9:54 am #

    awesome looking line that!

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