The Gaia Ball

gaia rolling climbing wall ballGaia (Mother Earth) Ball is the brainchild of Catalonian climber and master builder Txema Gomez.  The project was funded and spearheaded by Marc Le Menestrel a French climber and sustainable business expert.  The message from the ball “healing each turn” and “it’s a game” is an open invitation for movement by climbing on the ball.  The speed of the rotation is controlled by a rope-brake system that can also be fixed to create a static climbing device.

This project will allow learners to climb on only the second of its kind rotating climbing globe and we believe develop both cognitive and physiological life skills.  By moving on the Gaia ball problem solving will enable learners to learn how to regulate and control their bodies and minds.  Self-regulation is thus taught and the hope is that our learners will in the future be able to use this amazing tool independently and without adult supervision.

This project is part of a larger drive by organizations such as the Rocklands Rangers to develop and promote climbing within the local community of the Agter Pakhuis area.  The future growth of climbing we feel can only help healing in our school and community.
Thank you to all the hands that helped to build and erect this new fun learning solution.

Unio Joubert

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