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Redhill Dam Highline

Highline slackline

The other week on a Monday, a group of us got together to rig a highline on the Lewis Gay dam wall at Redhill (the smaller dam to the right of Kleinplaas Dam).  Andy was super keen to give it a go as he hadn’t rigged it before.  Liam and I, being very new highliner’s watched everything Andy did in order to learn how to rig well.

The line isn’t super high, sitting at the 15/20m range and the length sitting at around 35m.  It was super easy to rig and took us no more than an hour as you can walk the line around the dam wall.

Just as we finished the rigging and we all have our harnesses on ready to go, we hear a car hooting at us from the road.  All of us shrug our shoulders and prepare for the worst.  Four men come up to the dam to measure the cracks in the wall and the one asks us to take it down.  Before taking it down we discussed the line and our safety with them,  then Andy gave a good demonstration (taking the onsight) and once they had finished their business they left us and drove off.  We were all super relieved and we all managed to give the line a go.

After about 2 hours we see a police car driving up the road.  Now we were starting to get worried, Andy and Amadeus went down to talk tot the officers who were incredibly friendly and just told us to go speak to the management of the waterworks.  We all went down and when we visited the manager he started shouting and lecturing us on how the land is City of Cape Town property and how we broke and entered the dam.  So we listened out of terror and took the line down.

All in all it was a good experience and I sincerely hope we can one day convince the City of Cape Town to fully embrace slacklining as a non damaging sport.

Highline slackline

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