ElCap Report – Special Edition Honnold Free Solo Of ElCap


Yo..  My day started at 4am when I got up and left the Ranch to shoot Alex Honnold on one of the greatest climbs in Yosemite climbing history.  Jimmy Chin and Alex Honnold decided that I needed to be on the National Geographic team that has been working toward this day for almost two years.  Secrecy was the key here as we didn’t want Alex to feel the pressure of a big crowd watching the climb.  By 5:30am my assistant and good friend, Skot Richards, and I were setting up at the far end of the ElCap Meadow to shoot the climb.  The weather was absolutely perfect for the event.. clouds and cool temps.  For me the clouds were such a blessing… no shadows, no glare, no air turbulence and no Tourons asking to look through the camera!  Alex started around 5:30am and I could see him by the 4th pitch.  The shots you will be seeing here are cropped to afford a closer view of his climb of Freerider, and were chosen from the 359 that I took during the climb.

Alex Honnold Freerider solo 2017

Alex Honnold soloing Freerider 2017. Photo by By Tom Evans – ElCap Report


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  1. Deon Wessels Jun 6, 2017 at 10:26 am #

    I get needles and pins in my feet just by looking at this picture! Amazing…

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