REPORT: Silvermine Path Maintenance

Scarre on Jono Gordon's Route '22' at Silvermine Main Crag

Scarre on Jono Gordon’s Route ’22’ at Silvermine Main Crag

Silvermine path maintenance Sunday

I’m planning to go and do a bit of gardening & cleaning on the path to Silvermine Main crag on Sunday morning – it’s overgrown with those horrible spikey bushes that suddenly made their appearance after the big fire.  The recent storms have also blown a number of dead trees & bushes over the trail; one in particular pushes you right to the edge of a drop-off to get around it.

Two things:
Any concerns re me going there to cut & clear a bit? (I will take care to hide my tools on the walk in).
Anybody keen to help me? Plan is to be there 9:30ish and then to enjoy an afternoon climb afterwards.

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3 Responses to REPORT: Silvermine Path Maintenance

  1. Justin Lawson Jun 23, 2017 at 10:51 am #

    Thanks for doing this Willem!!
    I can’t be there but I really hope you have a good turn out of people to help.

    Please everyone make the effort to support Willem and make a better path for all!!!
    If enough people are there and some bring a tool of their own, I reckon it will take less than an hour to sort the path out.

  2. WillemB Jun 26, 2017 at 12:04 pm #

    Thanks for advertising this Justin. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing (after climbing there the Wednesday before and having to water-walk through those spikey bushes), and hence a fair amount of people contacted me to say they wish they could be there but already had plans. As it turned out is was me and Arno, having an unexpected amount of fun – there is certain odd satisfaction to clearing out nasty shrubs; a bit like finally digging out an old splinter. We managed to clear out all the spikey bushes that were growing onto the trail – btw, does anybody know what those are called and whether or not they are indigenous? – and also cut / removed the dead tress that fell onto the path.
    There is however a second round of maintenance required. The bigger job will be to build some steps on the badly eroded steep-section after the scramble down. There is also a fair bit of clearing required at the base of Silverminor. Hope somebody takes the initiative with that; or if I have the opportunity I will arrange something in due course.

  3. Oubaas Jul 13, 2017 at 9:43 pm #

    Jirre Willem I must say that the cape climbers are a pathetic bunch of losers. Here you are asking for a days help to clear a few weeds and perhaps cut a few branches to make it accessible to one of the most popular sport venues in CT and the only help forthcoming is from ONE climbing friend of yours. This is extremely disappointing to spray the least. Well done for the effort though. 👍🏻

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