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The New CityROCK Gym in Cape Town

About two weeks back we went and had sneak preview at the new CityROCK climbing gym in Paarden Eiland.
CityROCK view of Table Mountain Cape Town

About two weeks back we went and had sneak preview at the new CityROCK climbing gym in Paarden Eiland.

We were super impressed!  The place is massive!!  The warehouse roof was adapted and made higher to allow for higher climbing walls and cooling.  Two motorised garage doors open up and will allow for hot air to escape as well getting fresh air into the facility and if you can climb up that high you get rewarded with an awesome view of Table Mountain 🙂

Parking issues will be a thing of the past as there is a hypermarket’s amount of secure parking outside the front door.

As to be expected, everything will be bigger and better – see for yourself in the pics below.

The new CityROCK 2.0 by the numbers:

  • Opening Date:  1 December 2017
  • Building size 3,600 m2 (about 4x the current gym and 900 m2 bigger than Johannesburg).
  • Roped climbing up to 16 m high.
  • 1,000 m2 floor area of high climbing walls, with 150 top anchors.
  • 750 m2 floor area of bouldering.
  • Two 15m IFSC speed wall routes.
  • Ten Auto Belays.
  • 30,000 grips.
  • A dedicated kids climbing area, for birthday parties and kids programs.
  • 370 m2 of cardio, weights and fitness.
  • 80 m2 of system, campus, moon, hang, peg, compression and Pluto boards.
  • Over 100 safe and secure parking bays.
  • 250 m2 gear shop, almost double our current size.
  • 100 m2 yoga studio, 4x our current size.

[vimeo width=730][/vimeo]

[vimeo width=730][/vimeo]

[vimeo width=730][/vimeo]

[vimeo width=730][/vimeo]

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4 years ago

90 Years to develop! Hectic. :p

4 years ago

“Opening Date: 1 December 2107” – So sad I might not see this in my lifetime 😛

Justin Lawson
4 years ago

Thanks guys, I have amended my date typo 🙂

4 years ago


4 years ago

I am studying interior design and I have chosen to design a rock climbing space for my final project.
I have figured out most of it except few things.
I am struggling to find out what kind of materials are used for roof and ceiling??
And i am drawing details of climbing walls and was wondering how does climbing wall works? For example, what kind of payers are inside the climbing wall, what kind of bolts and nuts are used to stick climbing holds etc?

Thank you.

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