13 minutes of Brad and Jim’s speed record on The Nose in Yosemite

“I f***ing hate The Stovelegs,” Brad panted as he clipped a sling to our anchor and dropped off the far side of Dolt Tower. “So brutal.” “They’re pretty fun if you clip gear,” Mike joked, to an abbreviated chuckle.

Four minutes later Brad was almost two pitches up climbing 5.9 fists faster than I’ve ever seen someone crack climb. He was clearly in the zone, and he still hadn’t placed any gear since clipping our anchor 150 feet earlier. This took place around 7:30am on October 21, 2017.

The night before, when Mike and I were bivvying on Dolt Tower after our first of three days on The Nose…

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[youtube width=730]https://youtu.be/XG4ubEPPN7U[/youtube]

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