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Part one of this years Rocklands trip shows a great variety of boulders from 6 different sectors, old and new ones. Along with some crazy highball first ascents the video packs our main projects, in which we invested more time as usual.
A majority of the footage was captured with Raw-video, meaning our camera provided the highest resolution possible.
For climbers the weather is always an important factor, what led us to SA in the first place. But even if I experienced worse conditions in SA I couldn’t help but notice the dryness and raised temperatures compared to previous years.  In general human beings can´t sense changes in climate as that happens in bigger periods. I can not tell if that has changed with the option of permanently being able to look up the weather getting discrete temperature values and not having to rely on how your body feels.
But as both sources tell me that something is changing I won´t shut my eyes from it. Climate change is real and the problem won´t solve itself.

South African Railroads 7B+ [1:43]
Distance 7C [2:12]
L’Arch 8B [3:41]
Death Sticks 7C+ [5:13]
Teagardenroof 7C [6:42]
Deep Thought 6b+ [7:13]
No Late Benders 8A [8:06]
Broadside Arete 7B [9:40]
Cozy Finish 6b [10:29]

[vimeo width=730][/vimeo]

Rocklands Part 2:  This year was the third time I have been to Rocklands in a timespan of 5 years. The previous trips weren´t any shorter and as a result of being a little burnt out on the classic areas the main objective was to discover the newly developed sectors. It often included a lot of hiking around without actually climbing something. But somehow that turned out to be equally exciting. The video features just a minority but gives a good impression of how different, stylewise and rockwise, Rocklands can be.
Most of the boulders in this part have not yet any appearance in other videos.

Rooibos Everywhere 7B [0:22]
Zone Principale 6C [2:48]
Barracuda 8A [4:12]
Brain Rapist 8A+ [4:44]
Hear No Evil 5C [5:57]
Cerval Pallsy 7C+ [6:54]
Zanzibar 7B [8:20]
Trust Me I’m An Engineer 7C+ [9:12]
The Cuboid 7b [11:23]

[vimeo width=730][/vimeo]


Part 3 Waterval BovenAfter some time in the nowhere at the Wow Prow we drove on to Waterval Boven. Since we have been there two years ago we knew already what to expect.  At least we thought so.
Our imaginations were exceeded once again by the rock quality and the fellowship at this place. Even the unknown routes are as good as the famous classics. Everyone of us quickly got some projects and the challenge with lead climbing was on. Building some endurance for these long lines was exhausting but totally worth it.

As almost every time we needed to leave behind some unfinished projects like Rodan in Boven or Digital Warfare at the Wow Prow. But what also needs to be said that for instance Mich made some huge process on these routes and almost did both of them.
Even without a send it’s a great remembrance and also an acceptable reason to come back once…

Mutation [8B]
Jack of all Trades [8A]
Brain Damaged [6C]
Raptophilia [8A+]
Beast [8A+]

[vimeo width=730][/vimeo]

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