Lesser Known Topside Sends – Part 5

More sendage from Topside!

– Escapade (7a), Kalk Bay
– Welcome to Crimpland (7a), Kalk Bay
– The Bush Stays (6a), Kalk Bay
– The Bush Knows (7a), Kalk Bay
– Me Time (6c+), Kalk Bay
– Lady Liberty (6b)
– E’eryday I’m Shuffling (7b)
– Warpspeed (7a), Bonnydoon
– Desperation Situation (7b), Echo Valley
– Sunlight Circumcision (7a), The Summit

[vimeo width=730]https://vimeo.com/248967097[/vimeo]



One Response to Lesser Known Topside Sends – Part 5

  1. Emile Jan 26, 2018 at 9:30 am #

    Glad to see that sweet roof in Kalk Bay has not been completely abandoned.

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