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Eagles at Bronkies

Black Eagle

If you climb at BRONKIES…

Please note that we are fortunate enough that the Black Eagles are back, and they seem to be selecting a nest site.
Please be VERY considerate during this time. This includes:

Do not climb within 20 m of the current site which is between Wild Apricot and Joint Venture (note that this is a new, probably temporary site, central to the main climbing area)
–  No climbing at the usual eagle sector (as demarcated by the existing signs)
–  No dogs at the crag for the moment
–  Keep noise down
–  If you see anyone not adhering to the above politely ask them to do so.
–  Report any changes in the nest site to the MCSA

It is likely that this is a temporary site until they realise that the big ledge in the Eagle Sector is better ( :
We will let you know how it develops.

Please also note that the Lord of Rings Sector at Chosspile is now also closed for the season.
Thanks for your consideration of these wonderful birds.

The Johannesburg Section of the Mountain Club of South Africa

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