Take Back Our Mountain Sport Meets (TBOM)

There’s been a fair bit of crime in and around TM over the last few years. Things have quietened down, some bad guys have been arrested, some convicted (YES!!). Unfortunately a few crags have become de-facto no-go zones for climbers.

We, Cape Town climbers and MCSA members, are going to organise a few informal meets to those places that we don’t go to any more.

The hikers have done this very effectively. They call it “Take Back our Mountain”, and we are going to do the same thing with Take Back Our Mountain Sport Meets (TBOM)!


The two crags that have become no-go zones are Peers Cave, and Skoorsteenskop.

Both crags have been ARFed, as in the bolts have been replaced by new glue-ins.


Skoorsteenskop is located in Hout Bay and has some excellent long intermediate routes on it, including, arguably the two best 23’s in Cape Town, with about 30 routes all in all.  Access to Skoorsteenskop is a bit tricky, but if you follow the instructions or meet at the designated meeting point it won’t be a problem.

In case you are interested, the Skoorsteenskop mugger is sitting in jail.


Peers Cave, off Ou Kaapse Weg, has 40 routes, from very easy to 27. It’s very family-friendly, features a short walk-in and has easy top-rope access for beginners or people wanting to project the 27. Rumour has it a Puffy used to live up there 🙂

Our first meet will be this Saturday, 29 September. Meet on Whittlers Way at 8 am.



Our Peers Cave meet will be Saturday, 10 November. Meet 9 am at the Old Age Home 150m down the road. The security guard there will look after our cars.


–  Robert, Cormac, Brian MCSA rock sub-com

3 Responses to Take Back Our Mountain Sport Meets (TBOM)

  1. micky Sep 26, 2018 at 11:34 pm #

    great initiative. Wont be in town this weekend though, hopefully will be able to make the next one.

  2. Illona Sep 27, 2018 at 7:49 am #

    Excellent initiative! Well done on organising this. I will be there to support.

  3. Grant Paterson Sep 30, 2018 at 9:05 am #

    To everyone who organized the informal meet at Skoorsteenskop yesterday, thank you. It was nice being out there and not feeling you have to look over your shoulder the whole time.
    It was a great day out. Please organize more meets like this if you can.

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