Ballie League at Bloc11

A new bouldering league featuring a handicap point system which ensures that Ballies (people who are comprised by age and family commitments) have a head-start:

+1 points for every year above the age of 40
-2 points for every year below the age of 40
+20 points for having a kid (only one kid counts)
-1 point for every year of the youngest kid

Eg. A 45 year old parent of 2 kids where the youngest kid is 5 starts with:

+5 points for each year above 40
+20 points for having a kid
-5 points for the age of the kid
= 20 starting points

Scoring Points
There will be 10 routes that score accordingly:

Completing a route (reaching and controlling the top hold with both hands) scores 8 points
Controlling the halfway zone hold (marked with coloured tape) scores 4 points
Flashing (getting to the top on your first attempt) scores an additional 2 points

League Score
The league is made up of 3 events. The best 2 event points count towards the league score. In the case of a tie, all event points count towards the league score.

Ballie League

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2 Responses to Ballie League at Bloc11

  1. Emile Nov 9, 2018 at 1:30 pm #

    “Wife, get over here, I need to organise myself a handicap”

  2. Greg Hart Nov 11, 2018 at 11:21 pm #

    What if you’re a grandfather and your kid is aged 32? This just sounds like PC rubbish. Just run everyone together and then split results according o age categories-WAAAAy simpler

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