Lama, Roskelley and Auer Likely Reached Summit of Howse Peak Before Deaths

In a photo on Jess Roskelley’s smartphone—recovered along with his, Hansjörg Auer and David Lama’s bodies from the aftermath of the avalanche that killed them on Howse Peak on April 16—the three climbers beam through the frame. The smiles, the 12:43 p.m. timestamp signifying when the photo was taken, the composition of the three climbers huddled together with nothing but blue sky behind them—it all points to the shot being a summit selfie from earlier in the day.

These details come via a statement released by the Roskelley family. The family confirms that the bodies were recovered yesterday, Sunday, April 21. “The avalanche conditions were hazardous to the rescue team, so a specially trained avalanche dog was used to locate the climbers,” it reads. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of our loved one and his teammates, but we are very grateful to have received closure.”

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