TM Cableway annual maintenance shutdown 2019

Attention Cableway visitors, our annual maintenance shutdown is coming, from Monday 8 July to Sunday 18 August 2019.

This winter, we’ll be shutting down our operations for six weeks to do some renovating, replace the cable car ropes, and more. All of these changes will ensure an even better visitor experience for you when we reopen!

We know six weeks is a long time, so while we are busy fixing things up, here are a few things you need to know:

You can still collect and use your free birthday special ticket: One week before we close and one week after we re-open. Visitors must please bring along their valid SA IDs to prove that you will be celebrating your birthday during the six-week shutdown.

You may hike up Table Mountain: at your own risk. Please remember that the cable cars and all of our facilities, including our restrooms, eateries and shops will not be open during this time. Please hike with a registered guide and follow these safety guidelines.


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