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Remy Kloos – High Altitude Mountaineer

Andes mounatin range

Hey Climbing Squad, you can expect to hear from me more frequently, so I thought I would start by doing a little intro.

My name is Remy, a tenacious 30-year-old South African woman, high-altitude mountaineer and experienced sustainability specialist.  I am proud to represent the small, but growing, number of young female high-altitude mountaineers.

Remy Kloos
Trekking through the Himalayas was one of the best experiences of my life.


My passion for high-altitude mountaineering only began about three years ago. I found myself at a low point in my life, and I was struggling to cope.  So, in a search to gain some perspective, I made a brave decision to climb Kilimanjaro on a solo adventure.  Two months later, on the 1st of January 2017, I was standing on the Roof of Africa.  I felt an electric energy pulse through my entire body and pure joy consumed me.  In that moment, I knew I had found a deep and soulful connection to the mountains, and to something so much bigger than me.  I realised my true strength and what I was capable of.

Everest Base Camp
Reaching Everest Base Camp bought tears to my eyes, the Himalayas are magnificent.


Since then I have climbed three of the seven summits and I have also raised close to R400k in the process for the Dlala Nje Foundation based in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, through the initiative I launched called #JustClimb. I intend on summiting the remaining four by the end of 2021.  I am actually off to Alaska on the 15th of June (yes less than one week, so much excitement) to meet my 4th- Mount Denali.
She is Fierce, I need to be able to carry 25kg on my back, as well as pull a sled with gear, embrace the -30°C temperatures and from base camp to summit She is larger than Mount Everest!  My expedition dates: 20 June- 7/11 July (weather dependent) – Please send good vibes (and weather) my way!

I often get asked, but why high-altitude mountaineering? 
So here it goes: High altitude mountaineering is a sport like no other, where stamina, mental persistence, flexibly, patience, leadership are all tested in the most extreme conditions.  Conditions that also allow you to be surrounded and humbled by mountains of immense beauty and grandeur.

Remy Kloos Andes Mountains
Hiking in the Andes in South America was a true mental and physical test. This was on the way to climb the highest mountain in South America.


Just like life, the emphasis is not about rushing through it, but rather continually focusing on placing one step in front of the next while remaining fiercely focused on the ‘summit’/ goal.  There will be setbacks along the way, you will need to adapt to circumstances beyond your control, but the lessons here are to re-adjust, re-focus and then get back up and stride on.

Andes mounatin range
The Andes mounatin range has a special place in my heart.

High altitude mountaineering has also taught me the true definition of grit, endurance and perseverance.  It has also shown me the true value of teamwork, friends are as, or if not more important, than achievement.  Every moment on the mountain is a gift, it is through the storms and rough days that one learns to appreciate those perfect days so much more!

Andes Mountains
Climbing to camp 3 with view overlooking camp 2 during my Aconcagua expedition.


What you can expect from me and my upcoming blogs:
• Denali intro and gear list break down.
• More about the #JustClimb initiative and how you can get involved and support.
• More about how companies and brands can sponsor and partner with me for the remaining of my 7 summits quest.

So please, feel free to connect with me at anytime (Instagram: @remykloos) or

Mountains are my home; they bring me hope and they fuel me with a deep and powerful sense of belonging.
Chat soon,

summit bid Aconcagua
Evening on summit bid Aconcagua South America peaceful high camp was at 6000m.


Aconcagua Camp
Climbing to camp 3 with a view overlooking camp 2 – Aconcagua.

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