19 Year Old Solo’s The Shard in London

19-year-old George King labels himself a “stuntman/urban climber.”  On Monday morning, he climbed The Shard, the tallest London skyscraper/building in the UK.  The Shard is 310 meters tall, with 96 floors that house offices, restaurants, apartments, and an observation deck.

The following is from his Instagram account powers.of.passion
Freesolo the shard. 45mins. A lot of misinformation about suction cups in the media at the moment. Here is a little snippet video. Enjoy
I was thirteen and on a school trip when I first laid eyes on The Shard. I felt an immediate passion to climb it – the same type of passion I want to the world to feel.

In the past I’ve been called a daredevil, an adrenaline junkie, a reckless teenager and much more. I’ve always found that these names come from those who are ignorant or misunderstood about what I really do and why.

It takes years of training and careful preparation to be where I am today, and this practice is achievable only because I see myself as someone who has followed a respectable passion, albeit an unusual one. I believe that every single one of us has a gift. Your mission is to find that gift, make it your passion, and then make it your purpose.

Since my climbing began, I’ve gone to places I never knew existed, met people I’ll never lose touch with, and experienced things I could never have foreseen.



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King was not arrested after the climb.


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