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Jethro Watson Rocklands Accident

Air Mercy Services Helicopter

There was an accident in Rocklands this previous weekend where Jethro Watson, a Cape Town local, had his legs broken badly by a large rock which dislodged.  He is now recovering in Christiaan Barnard hospital.

Below is an account of the accident put together by Jethro and friend Paul.

On Saturday 13 September, Cape Town climber Jethro Watson was in a scrambling accident while exploring an undeveloped part of Rocklands (Cape Nature property) with a friend, Nick Muehlhausen.

While trying to scramble onto a higher rock terrace, he leaned against a large boulder to steady himself.  The rock rolled backwards and then forwards, falling out of position and onto Jethro’s legs, breaking both and pinning his right leg.
Nick, who had been less than 50m away, lifted the rock off Jethro, applied life-saving first aid and then ran towards the road to get cell phone signal.

Once he had signal, he called Rocklands local, James Cooper.  James phoned the Clanwilliam paramedics unit, who dispatched a ground team.  Nick met the paramedics on the section of road closest to the scene of the accident and guided the paramedics to Jethro.
On arrival, the paramedics determined Jethro’s condition to be critical and radioed for a helicopter to be dispatched from Cape Town.  When it arrived, the helicopter was unable to land and so Jethro was winched up to the aircraft and then flown to Milnerton Mediclinic.

He was stabilized there and then sent to Christiaan Barnard for specialized treatment.  His right leg had to amputated above the knee.  He is still at Christiaan Barnard where he continues to recover.

Jethro and his family wish to thank the Rocklands community for pulling together to help him in his hours of need.

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