4 Ridges of the Matterhorn in Under 24 Hours for Kacper Tekieli

Climbing the Matterhorn is a bucket list item for most climbers. Climbing it twice in a day while, hitting the four separate major ridges on the ascents and descents? That’s another level.

It has been done at least a handful of times before—first in 1966 in 19 ½ hours; and notably by Hervé Barmasse, solo in winter, in 2014 in 17 hours. Kacper Tekieli, a 35-year-old Polish alpinist, became the most recent to complete the enchainment earlier this month.

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Kacper Tekieli Matterhorn

Tekieli on the summit of the Matterhorn for the first time on August 4, after climbing the Furggen Ridge. Photo: Kacper Tekieli


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