Rocklands The Movie – Original

Way back when, Rocklands was a sport climbing venue, bouldering didn’t really exist. Then Todd Skinner arrived, went back and told his friends about South Africa… the rest is history!!

This movie features the original Rocklands crew, Fred Nicole, Bernd Zangerl, Scott Milton, Justin Hawkins,

Big up to Hein de Vos and Justin Hawkins for this piece of history!

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It was 1996, exactly 20 years ago, when Todd, Amy, Scott, Sandra, John, Carol, Elie, Benoit, Allan, Mary and I made our first trip to Southafrica not knowing what we would find. We started our discovery at the old campground where we camped and soon the first classic lines like the Tea Pot were born. Not much after the next sector, the Road Side surprised us with a great concentration of beautiful lines. Without crashpads other lines remained hidden to our eyes and were only discovered years later. We met many people that became really good friends and saw many places we still have to revisit. It was a short trip but when we left I knew it would not be the last time. Today 20 years later I'm still fascinated by this place and not a little bit tired of it! @blackdiamond @fiveten_official @e9clothing @climbskinspain #bouldering #rocklands

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    Thanks for the post Justin.

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