Black Diamond Tradathon 2019 | 5 October 2019

What is the Tradathon?

The Black Diamond Tradathon is a day-long community event where climbers of every level of experience get together to share their skills, learn from each other, and, most importantly, enjoy a day at the crag, all ending in a lekker jol.

It is an excellent opportunity for sport climbers to learn how to climb trad, and also for experienced trad climbers to share their favourite route with a beginner or just climb with their own partner in the beautiful Cederberg.

Tradathon 2019


Stuff to do:

  • Experienced trad climbers: pull in and do some classic routes; climb with your own partner or find a new climbing partner on the day. Climb at your own grade, or share your favorite route with a beginner
  • Competent sport climbers: sign up for the “Intro to Trad Leading” workshop run by qualified SAMDT instructors or team up with some experienced “tradders” and follow some routes
  • Beginner climbers: never climbed before? Sign up for the “Learn the Basics” morning workshop and climb with an experienced person in the afternoon


What is trad climbing?

Traditional climbing (better known as Trad climbing) is the raw, old-school form of rock climbing where it’s up to you to place all your own protection.

Trad lets you have a rewarding climbing experience without it being necessary to climb the hardest routes – part of the beauty of trad is the long multi-pitch experience and the thrill of placing your own gear. Trad also creates freedom to set your own routes and climb in amazing and unique areas which are not bolted for sport.

Despite all of these positive aspects, trad climbing still has a relatively small community due to the perceived risk of placing your own gear, the lack of coaching opportunities for beginners and the relatively high cost of the extra equipment.

The Tradathon offers climbers of any level of experience an introduction to the incredible sport of trad climbing with professional introductory courses and an opportunity to try out trad climbing for themselves.

Where: Nuwerust, Rooiberg, Cederberg

When: 5 October 2019


***Please note: Entries close on Tuesday 1st October 2019.

NEW ROOIBERG GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE – Will be on sale at The Tadathon – New sections and routes!

Rooiberg Guidebook

Evening dinner: Morroccan chicken potjie served with cous cous, cucumber and yoghurt salad and a green salad: Price R120

Veg Stir-fry R80

Dessert Chocolate Mouse R20

Accommodation Options:

Camping – R100 pppn

For Chalets bookings please contact Nuwerust directly 027 482 2813

Workshop and Activity Details:

Intro to trad following: This workshop is aimed at novices who have never climbed trad and would like to learn something about the procedures when following a leader, before embarking on a proper route. It will cover twin rope management, tying on at a stance, gear removal etc. Half day of instruction – gratuity to the instructor R300

Intro to trad leading: This is a “taster” workshop. There is more information to be covered than a single day’s instruction can cater for so this work shop will focus on safely placing and removing trad gear while on lead. This workshop is suitable for climbers who already lead competently on sport at grade 18. Full day of instruction – gratuity to the instructor R550

Self rescue workshop: This half day workshop will introduce candidates to the skills of prussicking, escaping from the system and assisted hoists – as well as the use of the new Beal Escaper. Ideal for anyone wanting to build their competencies as a leader. R350

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: All participants are expected to be self-sufficient bar the workshop participants who must provide the minimum of harness, screw gates, twin rope belay device, helmet, and rock shoes. All participants must provide their own refreshments on the mountain.

Black Diamond Raffle Prize
We are raffling a Black Diamond Trad Rack worth R15 000.00

The raffle costs R100 per ticket, 150 tickets only; maximum of 10 tickets per one person.

Winning number will be drawn at the Evening Dinner.

There will be numerous spot prizes given out at the evening dinner for the best dressed couple; the most impressive send of the day; the most encouraging spirit of the day – and anything else that the organizers deem fit !

WAIVER: Some aspects of mountaineering and related activities, including but not limited to technical rock, ice, and snow climbing, are potentially hazardous and dangerous. Any person using our equipment in any manner or participating in this event is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved, and assumes all risks and accepts full and complete responsibility for any and all damages and injury of any kind, including death, which may result during this event. Books and catalogues can help, but they are no substitute for personal instruction by a qualified person well versed in all appropriate safety techniques.

Tradathon 2019


2 Responses to Black Diamond Tradathon 2019 | 5 October 2019

  1. Raphael Sep 16, 2019 at 4:27 pm #

    I’m keen.

    For logistical planneng:
    What time should we be meeting up?
    And what time are proceedings expected to wrap up?


    • Deidre Keulder Sep 17, 2019 at 11:03 am #

      Hi Raphael, we will start round 08:00 and generally finish up climbing around 17h00. Dinner and prizegiving to start 18h30/19h00 ish. Hope this helps your planning. 🙂

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