Paige Claassen Interview: Making a Difference

I’m very pleased to bring you an interview with one of my favorite climbers, Paige Claassen. Paige is an absolute crusher in the world of sport climbing, having climbed a number of notable nails-hard 5.14+ test-piece routes (Necessary Evil, VRG; Just Do It, Smith Rock), capped with her recent send of Algorithm (5.14c/d) in the Fins, Idaho.

But as usual, this isn’t really a climbing website and we’re not really here to talk about Paige’s climbing (don’t worry, we will a bit).

I reached out to Paige because she’s worked out a life that is flexible in so many ways, yet intentionally demanding. Paige hasn’t settled for a life solely in the pursuit of climbing. She has instead created space for meaningful projects from 18-hour-days spent coordinating grape harvesting operations with her husband in Namibia, to nonprofit work across the globe.

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