Paige Claassen takes down Shadowboxing at 36/9a/5.14d

Paige Claassen recently fought her way to the ‘tippy top’ of Shadowboxing, 5.14d, last Thursday evening.

It was a real Disney princess situation up there with all the autumn leaves swirling around in the wind – princess condies, as we now refer to them.

I did my first 5.13 (The Beast) and my first 5.14 (Zulu) in Rifle. It’s always exciting to complete a line I’m proud of in this quirky little canyon that allows so much laziness on the approach and demands so much try hard on the wall.

Shadowboxing is 90% underclings, 10% micro crimps, and 100% delicate feet, so it’s a 200% route. Under the tutelage of my Shadowboxing coach, friend, and partner for this Rifle season, Neely Quinn, I did weekly bicep curls, which helped me recover on the undercling rests and power through the undercling cruxes. Thanks for all your support and advice along the way, Neel!

Thanks for the send belay Tara Kerzhner, and for mirroring my unwavering determination to sleep in the canyon, despite warnings against the cold. Side note, it is now too cold to sleep in the canyon. Seek sun. 📸 by my main squeeze and the only non slaydie who has dared to join us this season, Arjan de Kock.

Paige is sponsored by La Sportiva N.A. #LaSportivaEco Maxim Ropes
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