Perfect Descent auto belay voluntary recall

C3 Manufacturing has announced a voluntary recall on some of it’s Perfect Descent auto belay units.

We at CityROCK happen to have some of them in operation. Or had…

In short, these devices may contain a defect that can affect the lanyard’s retraction mechanism. While no injuries have occurred, the recall is precautionary and we applaud Perfect Descent for this proactive approach.

At CityROCK we’d like to let our customers know that your safety is of our utmost concern. Some of our auto belays meet the recall criteria. We have successfully taken down all units affected by the recall at both our Johannesburg and Cape Town locations. These units were due for a planned bi-annual maintenance in two weeks, so we had already scheduled them to come down. All our auto belays are routinely checked and maintained. This planned service will now include the replacement of the affected mechanism.

In case you’re wondering why there are still some auto belay units on our walls:  these are either Tru Blue auto belay units (a different manufacturer) or Perfect Descent units that were not affected by the recall. The Tru Blue units in particular had their annual service and certification done just last month. We will however be a few auto belay units short during this upcoming service period. So it might be advisable to make friends again with some human belayers because those auto belays are popular…

Happy and safe climbing.

For specific details on the mechanics of the recall see the article below

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