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Verste Punt Pinnacles 2019

Claus Riding led us on an expedition to the Verste Punt Pinnacles this past weekend.

The highest Pinnacle was climbed twice by Tinie Versveld and Hilton Davies who opened 2 hard climbs, one grade 19 and the other grade 21 which was much more dangerous.

Tinie took one fall on the second route when a handhold broke even after he had spent some while clearing loose blocks and bad rock, but fortunately his gear held and he was unhurt.


  1. Where is this? Tankwa area?

    • Hi Charles,
      Yes, if you find Middelpos on the map and take a line directly West you will put your finger on the point on the Roggeberg escarpment where the Pinnacles are. It is North of the Tankwa Karoo Park, and we had good views of the Cederberg peaks across the way in the distance.

  2. Got any more photos?

      • I guess you didn’t get my sarcasm. Delete 150 of the 176 photos and people may look at them…..

        • Hi Robert, yes I had forgotten your sharp wit, but my excuse for sending Justin the link and not sorting out a selection for him is like Napoleon’s comment when he apologised for writing a long letter as he hadn’t the time to write a short one.

  3. I actually enjoyed all the photos. Felt like a little trip away from my desk. Just enough hand-sweat to dirty up the keyboard. Thanks Mike

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