What I learned from 1-month rock-climbing challenge

Today I finished my 30 days rock-climbing challenge.  Well, not rock-climbing — bouldering to be more technical.  I squeezed 19 workouts within 30 days which was pretty intense considering that sometimes I hit the normal gym in the “rest” days.

I fell in love with this sport. And after 1 month I am buying my own shoes and staying for longer to get better at it. I am writing this post because I want you to share the beauty of rock-climbing and maybe inspire you to try it for yourself.

Here are some things that I learned.

Man, it’s hard.

When I saw little girls climbing the walls light and agile as lynxes I thought that a man with several years of experience in fitness will be able to keep up.

I was wrong.

Rock climbing is crazy hard because it requires endurance.

Once again I learned that it doesn’t matter how big your muscles are if they are not functional.

Bouldering became complimentary routine adding up to calisthenics and animal movements in my arsenal on the quest for learning how to control my body.

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