Tranquilitas Statement & MCSA Statement

I would like to thank all the people that attended last nights meeting at CityROCK for coming.

The greatest surprise was that almost all the people were there to try and solve the impasse as opposed to criticising the current situation.
Once again I want to take the opportunity to apologise to those people offended by my rather aggressive post regarding Tranquilitas’s closure.
Also apologies to the people that were there, that were named, shamed and banned from entering the property.
Speaking to you all I realised how fragile the state of affairs was and the emotions this whole situation has evoked.

The lines of communication will also now be improved with updates posted to interested parties.
As some people even mentioned, “they also want the good news”

The good news for now is that there is no intention to sell the property or leave the country anytime soon.
We hope to secure access for everyone to Tranquilitas for many years to come.

A security update from our side for those that were not at the meeting:
We are in the process of enclosing part of the campsite to prevent unwelcome access and secure our campers.

Our patrol dogs are in the final stages of their training and we hope to have them active by March or April.
They will patrol on leash in the evenings around the campsite and during the day at the base of the crags and MTB trails.
How this will affect the dog friendly nature of our campsite is still unsure but these dogs are trained to socialise with other animals so it should not be a problem.

Our security consultants have suggested several early warning systems that we are still considering.

Internet is still our most difficult obstacle, with cellphone signal being very poor in the area and the main players in the area reluctant to boost signal to the property.
This is now possibly the most crucial item that needs our attention.

The MCSA as well as the neighbouring farms have suggested a permit system that we have agreed to implement.
The details regarding this system will be discussed and disseminated through the various channels for approval.
Both the MCSA and Tranquilitas agree that this is the only way forward with funds being required to ensure security and continued access.

Together with the MCSA and owners in the area we will try and get all the suggestions implemented as soon as possible.
The access to Tranquilitas will still be limited to residents only until the permit system is in place.
Some more good news.!  Our camping fee will be reduced to R60.00.  This will be regarded as an access permit to the climbing areas for now.

This will be valid until the permit system is up and running.
Hoping for your continued support for the time being.
Thanks again for every one that attended and grateful for all the suggestions.

Mike Behr

MCSA feedback from Boven meeting, 16/01/2020

The MCSA wishes to extend sincere gratitude to all who attended last night’s meeting at City Rock. This gathering, which was called by Mike Behr, was in response to recent criminal events at Waterval Boven that stirred up some unfortunate exchanges within our community.

As a collective we were able to settle the dust and explore options which Tranquilitas has both planned and implemented, as well as those which the MCSA has been discussing internally. This engagement was encouraging to say the least and I feel hopeful that we, as climbers, are united as a community and steadfast in our desire to protect one of our most beloved places.

The MCSA will now embark on developing our proposal which will, again, require input and buy in from all. It will not be easy or quick but nothing good ever is. I urge you to be active but patient, enthusiastic but realistic. This is a project, not a warm up – to the chains!

See you in Boven!

Warm Regards,
Stephen Hoffe
Chairperson, MCSA JHB


3 Responses to Tranquilitas Statement & MCSA Statement

  1. Ebert Nel Jan 18, 2020 at 9:46 pm #

    We are the community on the edge of society that is most vulnerable due to the remoteness we choose to call our home.

    Times of tragedy, elevate emotions and leads to inpulsive outbursts of frustration, frequently misdirected. Our community will continue to suffer with misfortune in the mountains as the state of the security in our country deteriorates at a pace nobody wants to believe.

    It is our choice to stand together in these times, and figure things out as they are thrown in our path or we can stray alone and fight one another while our situation grows more grim. I urge everyone to consider this each time we struggle in the future.

    The Behrs have provided us with an immaculate venue in which the community has grown over the years, now faster than ever. This is one of the best campsites for climbing in the world and will remain so as long as we support them in supporting us!

    Thank you Ruth and Mike for keeping your facilities open to us and constantly striving to improve while keeping it affordable.

  2. Charles Edelstein Jan 20, 2020 at 7:04 am #

    What has happened here is what seems to happen a lot in biological families where emotions rule. I remind my kids of the 3 Cs in famility dynamics. Communication, co-operation and collaboration. That is the only way forward.

    Well done all for sorting this out.

    • Ebert Nel Jan 20, 2020 at 4:30 pm #

      Apparently it’s far from “sorted out”:/

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