Witteberg Mountain Rescue – 2020

The first in a series of videos covering the crew involved with the technical rescue of an injured BASE jumper in the Witteberg. In this video we hear from Brent Jennings, the co-convenor of the Mountain Club of South Africa rescue Team.

The 2nd video of my podcast series on the spectacular Witteberg rescue last weekend, when a BASE jumper was injured in an incident that saw a combined effort from the top search and rescue teams in the Western Cape as they joined forces with 22 Squadron SAAF. In this video, we chat to Dr Justine Cole.

In part 3 of the Base jump rescue in the Witteberg, we meet the pilot and flight engineer of the 22 Squadron SAAF Oryx, at the Ysterplaat AFB. It was an image shot by MCSA rescue team co-convenor Brent Jennings, showing the Oryx helicopter tucked into an extremely tight ravine, that attracted huge interest. Maj Jan Augustyn and Sgt Hanroh Nortje describe the incredible flying and decision making that was showcased in that image.

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  1. Mike Feb 29, 2020 at 10:44 am #

    Fantastic series. These people are all heroes and it’s a proud feeling knowing we have such skilled and competent teams available to our adventure community. Huge respect and thanks to you all.

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