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CityROCK temporary closure

CityROCK temporary Closure 2020

Temporary closure

Dear CityROCKers, 
It’s getting real. Fast.

Last night our president Cyril Ramaphosa declared a National State of Disaster regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. We applaud and support this decision. CityROCK will be taking immediate action to keep our members, staff, and guests safe. Due to the announcement that gatherings of more than 100 people are now prohibited, we will be temporarily closing our doors from Wednesday the 18th of March onwards.

All workshops and yoga studio classes for tonight (Monday 16 March) and Tuesday (17 March) will be cancelled. CityROCK will close at 6pm on Tuesday the 17th March, until further notice.

Our community has made CityROCK great. We make these choices with a heavy heart, protect our members, guests and staff, and to do our part to help limit the spread of the Coronavirus. We know the strength of the CityROCK community will carry us – and South Africa – through this challenge and thank you for your patience and support.

We will allow for immediate membership freezes. Please submit your request by the 24th of March for us to process. After this date we will only be able to process your freeze for the next month. Please email for Jo’burg or for Cape Town if you would like to freeze your account. Our cancellation policy remains the same, with a 30 day notice period. While we understand that you will be unable to use our facility during this time and will accept your freezes and cancellations, we ask you to consider that the gym has overheads and salaries to pay so please consider supporting our business if you are able to (we doubt our landlord will let us freeze our rent!). If you do not cancel or freeze your membership we will offer you a credit for the two weeks of March where you can’t use our facility. We plan to be here for our community during and after this difficult time and hope you will do the same in supporting our business.

BUT do not fear! We have some fun things in store for you to keep you moving, strong and entertained while our doors are closed:

  • Mountain Mail Order, our online gear store, will remain open for your outdoor and climbing gear needs. With in-store pickup!
  • We’ll be streaming selected yoga classes live! Follow us on Instagram and keep an eye on our story to catch our adjusted online studio programme.
  • Customers can follow our social media accounts (InstagramFacebook and YouTube), our blogs and for training from home tip and videos.
  • Our youth squads will be in contact with their coaches and will receive support in the forms of home training programmes.

Thank you to everybody for your emails, concerns and suggestions in this precarious situation. Below you will find a copy of an email we received from a medical doctor and member that we found useful in guiding us in making this decision.

We are keeping a close eye on the national and international updates and will make every effort to keep our community safe and informed. Stay healthy, keep safe.

Cally Bishop, Ops Director
Robert Breyer, MD

Dear Robert

I am a medical doctor, working in Emergency Medicine at Victoria Hospital in Wynberg.

I am a very happy member of City Rock Cape Town, and consider your gym one of my favourite places to be.  However, I now urge you to consider closing the gym and cancelling the upcoming African Continental Climbing Competition. I’m sure you have already thought this through and maybe even had discussions with your staff.

While the climbing community is largely privileged, young and healthy (not to mention frequent travellers), the South African community at large is vulnerable due to overcrowding, poor sanitation and immunocompromise. 

It is impossible to institute the strict hygiene measures that are necessary in a climbing gym. 

We have had our first case of community transmission, and rates of infection are increasing exponentially. We have had an opportunity over the last 3 months to learn from other countries that have been affected. I do believe the Department of Health and the NICD have put many measures in place to help us deal with this outbreak but our health services in the public and private sector will soon be overwhelmed.

As individuals and collectively, we need to do everything we can to decrease the rate of infection, as this video illustrates:

I recognise that I am a high risk individual, and as such will unfortunately not be back at the gym for awhile. I am willing to continue my membership in the coming months as this decision would obviously have huge financial implications for you and all your staff. 

Please let me know if you would like to chat about this further. 

Kind regards 
Dr Patricia L 



  1. Definitely the right decision by CR, time for narrow self-directed action is over. Is Bloc11 also closed?

  2. Bloc aren’t closed. “Wash your hands every 2 to 3 climbs”. Climbing gyms are pure heaven for this virus but some people just seem to be in denial about how serious this matter really is.

  3. -insert every single known swear word-
    Because profits trumps everything.

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