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Rocklands during Corona times

Rocklands dyno

Boys and girls… should you choose to flout the law during the lockdown…

In and amongst a couple of things:

  •  Firstly don’t do it…
  • Secondly, do not bullshit the relevant authorities and tell them you are staying at a well known establishment in the area, because then the authorities have to go and follow up with said establishment to find out if the two climbers are telling the truth and if the establishment needs to get a fine as well.

Two perp’s recently got fined for breaching the lockdown rules and the climbing community’s image is once again tarnished.  These two climbers are jeapordising the already frail relationship with CapeNature in Rocklands.  Potentially leading to (further) serious access issue to all future climbers.


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Since 10 April 2020 a total of seven people were caught after having illegally accessed and hiked in the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve, according to Petra van Rhyn, spokesperson for CapeNature. CapeNature takes trespassing very seriously, even more so during lockdown. They work closely with the SAPS to ensure the transgressors are charged and fined for not adhering to the COVD-19 regulations, as well as the Conservation Ordinance. A fine of R2 000 is payable to CapeNature for a first offence and R40 000 and/or one year imprisonment for a second offence. In addition, for breaking the COVD-19 lockdown regulations a person could be fined R 2 500 by the SAPS. Although the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve is closed, it is still adequately manned and patrolled by CapeNature staff. #cederbergwilderness #cederberghiking #lockdown2020 #lockdownregulations #hiking #wolfbergcracks #cederbergmountains @capenature

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  1. Fine them. Shame them. Be jealous of them getting away with it. Wait, not the last one

    From an environmental perspective this lockdown will be great for the plants of Rocklands in the high traffic areas.

    • Really disappointing to learn that it was one of the Bloc 11 owners that has put the rest of the climbing community’s relationship with CapeNature and the authorities in general at risk. It’s not that hard guys. It’s a few weeks and then we can all send some projects. Don’t screw it up for the rest of us. Climb door frames and use fingerboards. I’ll even lend you a pull-up bar.

  2. Each got fined R5000 + criminal record. Rocklands permit partnership also keeping the details on a black future permits. Worth it? Doubtful.

  3. I think they should be named and shamed. this is how access for all of us gets risked.

  4. Compared to minister Ndabeni-Abrahams (who got fined R1000 on admission of guilt) this seems over the top. I’m not saying their behaviour is acceptable, but what will naming and shaming them after they already got klapped really hard accomplish? Let them be – I’m much more concerned about people who do shit that will actually increase transmission risk; there’s a difference between breaking the rules (not okay) and putting other people in danger (you’re an asshole and should be called out).

  5. I think the lockdown itself is complete BS. It’s an unconstitutional infringement of our basic human rights and will achieve nothing other than prolonging the epidemic, causing endless extra problems (visa vi the start of looting and rioting that we are seeing all over SA) and in fact probably leading to more people getting ill and dying as there has been no opportunity for immunity to develop among the population.
    Isolate and protect those that are at serious risk but let the rest of us out of our cages for god’s sake! #endthelockdown

    • You don’t have rights in an epidemic. It’s a societal problem that needs everyone to obey to get rid of the disease. But I guess, me me me me is more important than people dieing.

  6. Firstly let me say that I fully support compliance with the law when it affects access issues such as these, but that is where my support for this whole affair ends. Gregory I agree with you 100%. 200 000 people have died in four months in a world where 14 000 000 people die every day. The global response to this pandemic is beyond ridiculous. In SA we have had seventy five deaths in four months. We lose 68 to murder every single day. Do we have a national 6 pm curfew to deal with that? The destruction being wrought on our economy is incalculable. Last night’s speech did little more than toss us a few ciggies (if you can still afford to smoke) and yet the nation stands up in rapturous support and adulation. Back at the ranch things are nasty for business owners. I have applied on every available portal for relief, and I did it immediately after the announcement of the lockdown. Department of Labour (UIF), Department of Small Business Development, Sukuma (Rupert), and SAFT (Oppenheimer). Not a penny from any of them. March was a total loss with a 90% drop in turnover and a massive trading loss. I am paying my staff until end April and then, sadly, they’re on their own. South Africa cannot afford this. Never could. Let natural selection and herd immunity do what it does and let’s get back to work. #endthelockdown

      • Don’t worry people. Loading hundreds of bodies into refrigerator trucks or finding whole retirement homes of dead residents is normal. Carry on. If it doesn’t happen to me it doesn’t exist.

        • Save the amateur dramatics Wes and look at the numbers. They don’t make sense. The overwhelming majority of people are unaffected or mildly affected. In four months this thing has killed 0.0000266% of the world’s population and the vast majority displayed co-morbidities. Is this a reason to crash the entire global economy? Millions of people face unemployment, poverty, health problems, and a host of other social ills as a result of the draconian measures introduced by governments the world over. There are opinions other than the popular one and many of these have strong scientific and statistical argument. Go and read up a bit and make some space for opinions other than your own.

  7. Fiancé trains on his indoor wall every day- no need to break the rules- and he’s the best climber in Bloemfontein, probably the entire province.

  8. Babe I said i was the best in my group of friends

  9. Please people, do the right thing and report transgressions to the authorities. Rumors of vigilante backlash and over-the-top beatings of ‘informers’ are largely over-stated.

  10. It’s all well and good to say end the lockdown but have you had anyone affected by the virus? 2 of my colleagues have died in the UK. They were in their 40’s and 50’s. It’s callous and I’ll conceived to say let natural selection take it’s course. Patrick – you’re a prick!

  11. @Rob. Actually yes. My cousin’s husband. Family of 5. He’s a psychiatrist. Spent three weeks in isolation. were infected and all except him we’re asymptomatic. He’s back at work. Saw our family doctor two.days ago and he’s had four patients. All mild.flu symptoms, all recovered. As for your final statement, let me know if you would like to meet up and say that to my face. That would be fun. We can get some.exercise.

  12. 🤦‍♂️, just too difficult to respond otherwise…

  13. Shame on these muttonheads for spreading coronaviruses into the fragile rocklands ecosystem. I’ll bet they weren’t even wearing facemasks

  14. If only Cape Nature were so vigilant in catching real criminals….

  15. Patrick, first off, some form of response from a country like SA was needed. There are a lot of conflicting stats, opinions and information in circulation to cause sufficient uncertainty over this virus. Based on this, government took the decision to remain on the cautious side and opted for a 5 week hard lockdown. Yes there are other countries taking a more relaxed approach, but these are in general advanced first world societies which can afford a different approach, as for SA, our approach was calculated and well thought through and quite frankly our only option. We have bought enough time to learn more about the virus and the spread thereof, but have also over the past 5 weeks learned that the destruction caused to the economy is absolutely devastating and will in all likelihood outstrip the consequences of the virus under a more relaxed lockdown strategy. The way forward from this point is unclear and down right scary, but no point in trying to elaborate on this.

    As for government’s stance emerging out of the hard lockdown period on human movement, recreational activities(especially in small numbers in isolated areas) and exercise, the measures are draconian and have no place in our constitution.

    • @Jean. I think that we have moved way off topic in this thread. There is no doubt that compromising future access to climbing and bouldering areas is something that shouldn’t happen, and I’m not advocating disobedience in this regard. Personally, I have observed the lockdown 100%. What is needed is a balanced viewpoint that takes into account the factors that you have mentioned. It’s a rapidly changing situation and the response needs to be in line with what’s happening on the ground. From the end of this month there will be another fifty people without an income as we are unable to pay salaries and wages beyond the end of April. UIF have dropped the ball and many companies are finding out that the UIF has no record of employees registered since SARS took over collection of contributions. This means that our staff, who have been contributing for up to twelve years will receive no benefits this month. Our business goes live on level 2. If it takes three or four weeks to migrate levels, we’re sunk and we’re all on the street. It’s easy to say that we can apply for relief, but these are all commercial loans and all repayable. Many recipients of these loans would never have qualified on the basis of their earnings going into this so it’s like a band-aid on a SharkBite. People need to work, and soon.

  16. I hope when they name and shame them they inform us of the route they were climbing so we can judge them even more!

  17. Difficult times

  18. I wonder if any of you have changed your mind about heading outdoors again after being dumped into an endless lockdown loop? I’d love to know how it’s possible to spread a virus by being out, isolated in nature?

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