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Senior Citizens send New Africa Arete

Africa Arete

Tinie Versfeld (yellow shirt) and me, Hilton Davies, sent the new version of Africa Arete on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa on 12 Sept 2020.

If you need to preserve your flash of the route don’t watch 5:40 – 6:18.

The second pitch had lost some crucial creaky flakes and a crucial big flake.
The pitch had become harder and more committing.  The changes for the second pitch caused us to carry out something we had been considering for years – that was to remove the ‘thank the gods’ piton on the first pitch.

This makes they first pitch harder and more committing and therefore more in line with the second pitch. As Tinie and Dave Birkett opened the route in 1998, this was a valid action resulting in the new ‘approved version’ of the route.

We made a self-promotion video of our recent send of the new Africa Arete (But we’re calling it a public service documentary). This is the new Approved Africa Arete. The route is written up as three pitches but we solo the first little 18 up to the platform. On the big Pitch 1 we removed the ‘thank the gods’ piton to make it more aesthetic and in keeping with Pitch 2.

If you need to preserve your flash of the route don’t watch 5:40 – 6:18. On the big Pitch 2 the creaky flake broke off so we now start to the left of the arete. Higher up we had to remove the huge flake that we always had to caress.
This section now is much harder and very scary with tricky gear. If you need to preserve your flash of the route don’t watch 12:25 – 14:29. Sorry about the huffing and puffing.
Since being gifted with Exercise Induced Asthma last year I get a bit winded. Otherwise, apologies for the two old specimens frigging around.

Africa Arete
Tinie Versveld on Africa Arete


Africa Arete
Hilton Davies on Africa Arete


  1. Very nicely done chaps. Respect.

  2. That was very entertaining (and congrats on the climb of course) You okes should make more videos like these!

  3. Absolute legends!
    Well done guys. So much fun to watch.

  4. Well done! That goes for the climbing and the video.

  5. Bliksem maar julle ou manne klim kliphard!

  6. Wow, you guys are legendary. Inspiring, and your teamwork is impeccable. We need to make sure the younger generation is going to carry the flame.

  7. Palms are SWEATY!

  8. Hi Hilton and Tinie,
    This movie of your new version of Africa Arete is one of the best climbing movies I have seen in a long time.
    It would be well placed in the Banff film festival.
    The 2 of you make grade 25 look almost easy.
    What is also impressive is the grade stays 25 even after removing the piton, and with your new start to pitch 2 which looks very thin.
    Well done on some superb climbing and an awesome bit of filming.
    And of course, overseas viewers will be totally blown away by the pot of tea !

  9. Just wow! Beautiful climbing and entertaining chirps…

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