Straight Up • A Lake District Bouldering Film

A video from a trip to The Lake District a few weeks ago, featuring a strong crew and some top tier bouldering.


Big Boy Beaves 8A+.: (0:19)
Shieldmaiden 8A: (1:10)

Special Cases 8A: (2:31)
XXXX 8A: (5:06)
Slapstick Sit 7C+.: (6:39)
XXXX 8A: (7:38)

St Bees:
Clash of the Titan 7A+.: (9:25)
Undercooke 7A: (9:40)
Dark Side of The Moon 7C: (10:02)
Floating Points 7C: (10:19)
Swinger ss 7B: (10:55)
Tim’s Crack 7C: (11:30)
The Scoop 6C+.: (12:12)
Honeycomb 7B: (14:03)
Iron Hide 8A: (14:21)
Godzilla 6C: (15:02)

Got Wood 7A: (15:24)
Rob’s Wall 7C: (17:11)
Gene Flow 7B+.: (17:43)

Stirrup Stones:
Quintessence 7C: (18:10)

Open Range 7C+.: (18:42)

Dow Crag:
Supergene 8A: (19:10)

Tourniquet 8A: (20:01)
Karma of the Trees 7C: (21:13)
The Hole 7A+.: (21:40)
The Hole Low Start 7C: (22:53)

Carrock Fell:

The Prow 7C: (23:51)

Swarthbeck Gill:

Colonol Hathi 8A+.: (24:45)

Outro: (26:16)

Additional footage and thumbnail courtesy of Sam Pratt


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