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Beal Birdie recall for inspection

We have recently been made aware of the Beal Birdie recall for inspection. 

We have recently been made aware of the Beal Birdie recall for inspection.  There have been several claims about broken handles. In very rare cases, the handle can present some slack which may generate an additional force that can cause the breakage of the handle.

It is important to note, that even in the case of broken handle the system remains locked. The assisted braking function is not affected. A fall hazard is thus impossible. The problem comes from the fact that the system can not be unlocked, so alternative solutions must be implemented to lower the climber. To avoid any risk, we ask you to inspect your Birdie following the procedure in the video.

Affected units – Serial Number: 05/19, 07/19, 08/19, 10/19, 11/19, 12/19

If you think you have one of the affected units, please return it to CityROCK for further inspection.

Since the Birdie arrived with CityROCK we have sold 17 units, Out of the 950 belay devise we have sold in this time.  Our current stock did have a 6 affected units which have been returned to the supplier. If you have recently bought a Birdie please check your device.

Click here for the official recall notice.

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