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Table Mountain users demand answers from SANParks

John Maytham talks to Andy Davies from Friends of Table Mountain about safety on the Table Mountain chain.



  1. Can we get Sanspark to comment before I add my bit

  2. San Parks is also responsible for the marine protected areas in its jurisdiction. They’re a free for all with people fishing there every day. Try calling the numbers on any board down there. Nobody even answers. Been like that for years.

  3. John made a good point about the reporting of the data early on.
    Do the data show an increased number of incidents or an increase in the rate (# incidents per x people) using the mountain?
    Nobody is suggesting we’re in a good place, but with so many more people on the mountain in the last year it would be interesting to see some actual data as perception can be quite different to reality when statistics are quoted ambiguously.
    I wouldn’t know where to start to source these data though? Anyone reckon TMNP keeps (rough) numbers on foot traffic?

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