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VIDEO: Europa 8a+, Galaxy Wall KZN

Roger Nattrass takes us through his journey of bolting and climbing of his new route Europa 8a+ at the Galaxy Wall in Kwazulu Natal.  

This video is age restricted at Roger’s request and contains some content that is not for young or sensitive viewers.

Europa is the story of an ageing, rock-climbing anaesthesiologist’s journey to complete the first ascent of Europa, a new 30m climbing route, while working on the front line of the Covid-19 pandemic near Durban, South Africa. The all original soundtrack is by Max Nattrass (the protagonist’s son) and is available at Warning: medical images from the operating room form part of the content, hence the suggested age restriction.

Crag Location - Ngede Waterval

The falls are on a farm originally called Kirkwood. On some older maps the falls were called Kirk Falls. New maps have the traditional name.

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Keith James
Keith James
2 years ago

Utterly inspirational. The movie and the climb – both a gift to all of us in the climbing community

I love the professionalism of this production, the impeccable soundtrack, the sweeping videography, the taut editing – all weaving the eloquent yet understated narrative, the contextualizing of personal struggle against the backdrop of bigger issues, the invocation of the humility of lifelong athleticism …

Above all, Roger, I love your passion, your quest for excellence, your perspective, your humor of a wise old man, the warmth of one who has done his time .

Ben Fredlund
Ben Fredlund
2 years ago

Awesome Rodger! A great route and well presented.

Jeremy Samson
Jeremy Samson
2 years ago

Brilliant Rodger – I loved this, always been inspired by your eye for a line and massive contribution to the sport. Glad the old dog got his bone in the end.

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