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Daniel Woods Sends The Process

Pushing the limits proves to be in the essence of the human spirit. Last week, team climber Daniel Woods triumphed over the most challenging mental and physical challenge of his career by sending “The Process”, an earth-shattering possible V16.

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2014: A year of what?

This has been a weird year for me in terms of climbing. The year started off with a pull injury, progressed to a broken finger / ligament tear and then ended with a major knee surgery.

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Boven with the Hamer Bros and Jose!

So I’ve spent the last couple of weekends hanging out in Boven with Wild Country UK athletes Sam and Ed Hamer along with their strong Spanish buddy Jose! They went on a rampage in Boven…

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Training coaching success

Training, Coaching and Success

Training, Coaching and Success. Very often I sit around wondering what factors help a person to succeed. Success in life like success in climbing requires preparation. For me, this often results in many hours spent isolated in my spare room doing…

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