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Below is a table indicating the codes & conventions used in the Climbing Area guides in this website:

4B This indicates that there are 4 Bolts, 6B would mean 6 Bolts etc.
N or T The route requires natural (traditional) gear.
2P There are 2 Pitons or Pegs, 5P would mean 5 pitons or pegs etc.
A Top Anchors or chains exist (sometimes C is used)
S The route is fully protected with fixed gear (could still be run out though)
R Risky or Run out (usually both)
A2/F24 This means the route has an Aid 2 section which can be freed at grade 24.

An example of a route with a full explanation follows :

NAUGHTY DAUGHTER (ND01)                                                                       15 (F2) R ** [N]
Start upstream from Longdrop, immediately above the worm-hole descent.
1.    15 (F2) 20m  Climb the right hand crack topped by an overhang, hand traverse left from under overhang…
2.    13 (F1) 20m  Climb a chimney which slants left. Then climb through an obvious recess.

First Ascent: Aug 1975 C Ward

The Climb Name is followed by the optional climb code in brackets (sometimes referred to on the topos). The New SA grade follows on the right (15) and then the Old SA grade in brackets (F2). Then the R indicates True Right NOT Risky or Run out, L would indicate True Left. In kloofs if you face downstream then true left is on on your left & true right on the right. The stars indicate the Star Rating as follows :

*     Not that good, possibly unpleasant
**     OK, nothing to write home about
***     Fairly Good, an enjoyable route
****     Very Good Route, really satisfying
*****     Excellent route – only given to the best quality routes.

Please keep in mind that the star rating can be very subjective. If Star Ratings are missing then it means that we have no idea how good (or bad) the route is.

After the Star Rating all the Codes follow in square brackets as shown in the above table, in this case the route uses Natural gear – [N]

A brief Description of the route & where it starts is given followed by the information per pitch. Each pitch includes the New Grade (Old Grade) & optional length/height of the pitch, usually this is the climbing distance.

Finally the First Ascent information follows.

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