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Fundamental principle: Treat other users as you would like to be treated.

• No porn
• No spam
• No gratuitous flaming
• No harassment (sexual or otherwise)
• No copyrighted material without the author’s permission
• Have enough spine to accept the consequences of your actions!
These conditions apply to all user-submitted (or mod- or admin-submitted) content on Climb ZA, including but not limited to Submitted Photo Descriptions, User Comments on Submitted Pictures, and Signatures. They are applied at the moderators’ and administrators’ discretion. Please do not use the system if you cannot abide by them. Willfully violating any of the above will get you tossed off the site. If you are unsure whether something is suitable for posting, please contact a mod or admin before submitting it. We appreciate such forethought.

Multiple usernames and accounts
We ask that you post only from one username and account, the exceptions to this rule are that the management team reserves the right to use clearly identified test user names as a second username for the purpose of improving the sites technical aspects. If we become aware of a user registering a second username we will have no hesitation in deleting this account with no notice. This will wipe every post and comment. We have a zero tolerance for multiple usernames.

Also, please respect the users of the site who have different sensibilities from your own. Although we discourage the use of profanity in posts, we do not explicitly prohibit it, as potentially objectionable language is automatically filtered.
Intentionall profanity, for the sole purpose of offending the widest audience possible, shows a level of disrespect for other users which we will not tolerate. You will be asked to leave if you persist in doing so.
When quoting other users in the forums, you must do so accurately and honestly. Falsely and intentionally attributing your post to another user is grounds for an immediate and permanent ban.

The ”Three Strikes” policy:

• First offense gets a warning, sometimes accompanied by temporary loss of posting or commenting privileges. You’ll be notified if this happens. It’s nothing personal and may be a total misunderstanding.

• Second offense gets a temporary suspension of your privileges on the site. Acting in bad faith by registering another account to circumvent the suspension will make you permanently unwelcome. This is a cooling-off period so that neither the site’s administrative staff nor you are tempted to make rash permanent decisions. This lasts a week.

• Third time you get a month off. You can come back, but at this point it’s growing increasingly apparent that you may never fit in here. Sorry!

After your third offense, you’ve pretty much established that the site and its users have radically different goals and interests from your own. Any further provocation will result in your becoming persona non grata on the site. In other words, you get banned outright. Have a nice life.

Notwithstanding all of the above the site management and mods reserves to itself the right to expedite any of the measures for preserving the integrity of the site. In other words we can outright go to the last measure of banning you outright for extreme actions on your part. That said we also reserve the right to hear any appeals by any user who feels that they have grown and matured and would in fact be able to contribute positively to the site once again. Contact Climb ZA if you wish to avail yourself of this offer.
Loss of posting (‘tar pitting’) or commenting (‘muting’) privileges can be handled by moderators in the interest of maintaining their forums and reducing extraneous, questionable, or dangerous input. Questions about a moderator’s judgment can be directed to a site manager for review, but please be advised that moderators are entrusted with significant latitude in maintaining their forums, and may act at their discretion if the need arises. They’re also accountable to the site management staff, and all actions are logged for review. Climb ZA is in charge of the forums and users were it concerns managing the forums. He’s also a lot more even-tempered than the rest of us. Talk to him if you have any concerns in regards to any actions taken against you.
Bans are executed by site management and are subject to review. Questions about a site managers judgment can be directed to the Big Kahuna, aka. Climb ZA Their decision is final. In the interest of not inflaming the debate, we request that such discussions remain civil, and reserve the right to refuse service to users who cannot accommodate this request. Again, the decision of the site management is final.
The above measures are to be administered when it appears that doing so is in the best interests of the site and its users; if you have a policy suggestion or feel that the site’s standards need revision, please feel free to open up a thread in the Suggestions and Questions forum. If you dislike something, maybe it’s because it’s broken! But please do keep the discussion civil, unless you feel that the site need not be civil towards you.

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