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Youth Olympic Games

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:41 am
by ant
David and Angie are currently representing SA at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

I'll post more as it becomes available, but various FB links tell me:

- scored 14.15 secs in the speed event, placing her 19th in that event.
- made a good effort to get roughly half way up the wall in the difficulty section

-9.07 sec in speed
-topped at least one problem in the bouldering
- made the 25th hold (3/4 up the wall) in the difficulty section

I'll post some more links when they are available. Good luck David and Angie!

Re: Youth Olympic Games

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:58 am
by illona
Awesome. Thanks for posting this Ant.

Re: Youth Olympic Games

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:07 am
by ant
From TV last night I see David placed 20th overall out of a field of about 35(?) Good effort!
The final six men go into a final today.

I also watched the womens final - a tough round given that 4/6 topped out, bringing the podium rankings all down to time!

There are some videos of both David and Angie's lead effort on the FB page... go check them out!


Re: Youth Olympic Games

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:34 am
by Julia Wakeling
Thanks Ant!