Looking for someone to do Ledges (and maybe Blinkwater, Grotto Ravine, Mystery B)

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Looking for someone to do Ledges (and maybe Blinkwater, Grotto Ravine, Mystery B)

Post by acbuijs »

Hi ZA Climbing community!

I am now looking for 1 or more experienced hikers/climbers, that would not mind to take me along to show me some routes on the mountain that involve scrambling (and possibly the use of a rope) that I think is better not to do alone for the first time.

First of all, I would really love to do - Ledges - sometime, with someone that knows the route (from Devil's Peak Saddle to Maclears Beacon).

And then possibly, some of the following routes noted down as "B/XX(X) a rope may be necessary" by Tony Lourens) - if I could find someone (or a few people) who'd be keen:
  • Blinkwater Ravine
  • Grotte Ravine
  • Grotto-Fountain-Cairn Traverse
  • Mystery B (on the front, to the left of Platteklip) -

I think with my experience I should be well-suited to do these, but I know it's always best to do such routes with someone that is familiar with them.

As for me, I am a quite experienced hiker (and occasional sports climber)
  • MCSA members since 2014, a lot of hikes & hut stays.
  • I've done lots of routes on Table Mountain, including some 'exciting ones' such as Right Face Arrow Face Traverse, and Kloof Corner Ridge (using the chains); climb to Devils Peak via backside (Knife's Edge & Minor Peak) - which I have no problem with
  • I've also done some sports climbing (incl leading) on simpler routes (grade 14-17) at Silvermine, Westlake and the Quarry, and did quite a bit of indoor top-rope climbing at CityRock (grades 16-22 or so).
If anyone on this Forum that is keen on this (or knows someone who might be), please drop me a message on WhatsApp or via this Forum, I would appreciate it a lot.

Many thanks in advance, and best regards,
076-806 5259
(living in Gardens, City Bowl)

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Re: Looking for someone to do Ledges (and maybe Blinkwater, Grotto Ravine, Mystery B)

Post by XMod »

Ledges could be cool, I went most of the way up it recently alone but turned around due to time constraints.

I think Blinkwater and Grotto ravines as well as the traverse are terrible ideas. Blinkwater is hideously bushy and seriously loose. There is a good reason it has been closed for many years!

Rather do Right Face (with a rope on the initial pitches at least - get someone else to lead - the pro is gawd awful) which is an excellent adventure that every Cape Town climber should do.

To be honest many of the early ascents up gullys are terrifying ventures into slippery, overgrown, massively exposed and protectionless worlds of deep fright! There are so many better adventures to be had on good clean rock that any climber with basic skills could handle. I recently had the mad notion to do Fernwood ravine but reading Mike Scott's account of the ascent and going to have a closer look at the upper sections, changed my mind pretty quickly! If you really want an out there adventure then look at Ascencion ravine (something I have backed off of twice due to poor weather and being alone) - just do it when it is dry as a bone or the lower section is heinously dangerous.
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Re: Looking for someone to do Ledges (and maybe Blinkwater, Grotto Ravine, Mystery B)

Post by Brussel »

Go out and have an adventure, sometimes getting a little lost/confused is part of it. Keep your head about you and don't be silly and do something you cannot reverse. Turn around if need be and you'll have fun. no need to have someone with you who has done it before, it can help but it does make it less of an adventure for sure.

Cairn grotto is brilliant, mystery B is really good fun and fairly well cairned and Ledges is amazing too. There are so many good adventurous hikes to be done
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