Locally made affordable bouldering pads

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Locally made affordable bouldering pads

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Hi Everyone

I have started making premium high ball bouldering pads called DASSIE Pads. Bringing you the confidence to send at a price that doesn't offend.
They measure 1.5m x 1m. They weigh 5kg. They are fully color customizable and feature a unique strap system that allows them to be turned into a couch when at camp or just chilling.

The idea behind the Dassie Pad was to create a premium bouldering pad that does not break the bank and allows climbers to choose their own funky colors.

The Dassie Pad is made of the highest density closed and open cell foam and can be compared to the Black Diamond Mondo and the Ocun Dominator. The catch is that the Dassie Pad is half the price of those pads.

For more information please contact me via Whatsapp, Instagram or email.
Email: justingoldberg2145@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 082 6383734
Instagram: Dassie_pads_sa

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Re: Locally made affordable bouldering pads

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post some photos for the community to see. Aways rad to support local
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Re: Locally made affordable bouldering pads

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Half the price.... sure you will get a lot of interest if that is the case.
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